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Ataturk AirportOn average, 82 thousand passengers use the Istanbul Atatürk Airport each day with approximately 700 - 730 aircraft landings and take offs daily. Atatürk Airport caters to nearly 300 airlines from around the world. Istanbul - one of the largest cities in the world was selected European Capital of Culture in 2010 by the European Union. Istanbul attracts millions of people from Turkey and abroad thanks to its remarkable cultural heritage and its more than 12 million residents. In a city where airport operations play a vital role Istanbul Atatürk Airport provides modern and exemplary service with its domestic and international terminals. The International Terminal was constructed of the terminal in less than two years. After beginning service in 2000 the terminal was expanded with the construction of an additional facility in 2004 the international terminal sits on an area of 268 thousand square meters. A major modernization was completed in a year and the 25 year-old domestic terminal was transformed into a facility that represents Istanbul well not only because of its appearance but for its advanced technological systems. In addition to being Turkey's largest airport Atatürk Airport has a car park with the distinction of being the largest parking lot in Europe under a single roof. On average, 82 thousand passengers use the Istanbul Atatürk Airport each day. The CUTE automation system which connects the world's airlines to each other through common software saves passengers from checking in baggage at each transfer point. An Explosive Detection System (EDS) was put into service at Atatürk Airport in January 2007 requiring every piece of baggage loaded onto the aircraft go through a 100% baggage control scan.

Ataturk AirportIn 2009 there was an expansion of the domestic and international terminals of Atatürk Airport, as well as the construction of an additional outdoor parking lot. As a result of these efforts an outdoor parking facility with a capacity of 1,250 vehicles and three new passenger bridges at the domestic terminal will begin service in 2010. Additionally three new passenger bridges and four bus gates will be put in operation at the international terminal. As a part of the Expansion Project service begin at the 18,770 square meter supplemental terminal area that will host catering and duty free facilities and offices. There will be an increase of the capacity of the Airport Hotel from 85 rooms to 130 rooms. The VIP Lounge, which currently occupies an area of 2,500 square meters and will be expanded by an additional 1,280 square meters. The VIP Lounge which will be located in the new additional terminal building will feature two lounges that will have their own separate entrances to be used only by the President and the Prime Minister. Also passenger gate number 226 will be built with two tunnels to expedite the boarding and departure times of passengers on Boeing 777 aircraft. Two separate fully equipped conference halls are available which are the Akfen Conference Hall with a capacity of 200 seated and 225 for cocktail style - a total of 225 square meters and the Fatih Ergokmen Conference Hall with a capacity of 50 seated and 95 cocktail style - a total of 93 square meters.

Ataturk AirportInformation desks are available 24 hours a day to provide directions, advice and announcement services. Information is available from an individual manning the desk or over the phone. There are two information desks in the international terminal - one is on the arrivals level and the other is on the departures floor. There is another information desk available in the international terminal just after passport control. There are two information desks in the domestic Terminal - one on the arrivals level and one on the departures level. The distance between the two terminals is approximately 5 minute walking distance and within easy access by using the travelators. The purchase of mobile phones and phonecards from a Vodafone agent can be accomplished on the arrivals floor at the international terminal. There are hairdressing salons on the international departures level, on the Mezzanine floor, and on the domestic arrivals floor. There is a visa office located at the transit area on the arrivals level of the international terminal just prior to the passport check points and are open on a 24 hour basis. There are 2 Tax Free (Global Blue) offices at the International Terminal; one is on the departures floor/land side and the other is at departures/isolated area. The passenger must obtain customs approval (inspection cachet) from the office at the land side upon submission of the Tax Free product. Then, he/she can obtain a partial refund of the VAT on the product in Turkish Lira, Euro or Dollars from the Tax Free Office located in the Food Court Section at the Departures/Isolated Area. These offices are open 24 hours.

Atatürk Airport Information Telephone Numbers
International Arrivals +90 212 463 30 00 - extensions: 4503-4643-4644-4645
International Departures +90 212 463 30 00 - extensions: 4502-4640-4641-4642
International Transit +90 212 463 30 00 - extensions: 4507-4508-4504
Domestic Arrivals +90 212 463 30 00 - extensions: 4513-4648-4649
Domestic Departures +90 212 463 30 00 - extensions: 4512-4646-4647
Atatürk Airport International Terminal Lost and Found Office in the departures hall.
Monday through Friday, 08:00 am to 5 pm
Tel: +90 (212) 465 5555, extension 4690
Email: [email protected]

Turkish Airlines
Central Baggage Tracing Department
Atatürk Airport Yesilköy 34149 ISTANBUL / TURKEY
Tel: +90 212 444 0 849
Fax: +90 212 465 23 87
E-mail: [email protected]

Ataturk AirportThe Lost Property Offices are located on the departures floor of the international terminal and on the arrivals floor of the domestic terminal. These offices handle the storage and delivery of passengers' possessions lost within the airport and in the multi-storey car park. The Lost Luggage Offices, which provide service for the airlines, are authorized to deal with passengers' damaged or partly missing luggage which hasarrived through the baggage carousels. Portclinics are located on the departure level of the international and domestic terminals and are open 24 hours a day. They provide fast and efficient service to airport personnel, passengers and their relatives and guests. There are luggage wrapping machines at the departure levels of the international and domestic terminals which provide passengers with the ability to wrap their luggage or boxes in stretch plastic protective film. This service is provided 24 hours 7 days a week to passengers wishing to wrap their luggage for safer and less damaging transportation. Two of the luggage wrapping machines can be found on the land side of the international terminal in sections B and D and another in front of the entrance to the domestic terminal. Banks and Currency Exchange offices are available at Atatürk Airport and there are 19 Cash Point ATM's located within easy access in most areas. Duty-free stores for shopping are open 24 hours a day at Ataturk Airport with a large variety of giftware being available for passengers. Baggage Custody Services are offered on the arrival floor of the international and the domestic terminal 24 hours a day at both places. Fees are charged on daily basis and are due when retrieving the custody of your items. There is also a 24 hour a day porter service available at the baggage claim areas, at the departure gates, and on the arrivals floor when needed.

Ataturk AirportWhen purchasing your tickets do not forget to ascertain the time you need to be at the airport prior to your flight. To avoid any problems during security checks make sure you do not have in your hand luggage any of the items barred as per Appendix 20 of the National Civil Aviation Security Program. For your own safety, please prepare your own luggage and do not accept any items or packages given to you to be delivered to someone else. Have information from your airline regarding safety procedures for both the destination and departure countries. Attend to your bags and possessions at all times. Do not leave your bags and luggage unattended even for a very short period. Do not forget that unattended luggage will be confiscated and/or destroyed by the Security Staff. Do not accept any packages from strangers and do not joke about having weapons or bombs as such statements may lead to serious misunderstandings which well may result in missed flights and other consequences.

Ataturk AirportPassengers arriving from abroad to domestic locations are subject to visa and passport controls to enter the country at the arrivals level before they proceed for their domestic connection flight. The passenger then proceeds to the domestic terminal and finalizes his/her transfer procedure at the relevant lounge by presenting his/her boarding card issued at the country of origin. If a boarding card is not issued at the airport of origin then the passenger needs to go through check-in at the domestic terminal. If your journey continues on a different airline, please ensure that you have the relevant information on whether or not you need to claim your luggage and check your ticket. According to their procedures, some airlines transfer the luggage automatically onto the connection flight. Therefore, the passenger does not have to claim their luggage in between flights. Please ensure that your luggage is labeled with your final destination to ensure that it is not left in the terminal.

Ataturk AirportPassengers with an international connection flight must see that the necessary procedures are completed and a boarding card is issued to the passenger who is traveling from abroad with a further connecting flight to another country. Go to the transit desk of the relevant airline company on the arrivals floor if a boarding card is not issued in the country of origin without having to enter the country. Then the passenger proceeds through the transit area into the international departures area where she/he will finalize her/his transit transactions. Baggage will automatically be transferred onto the connection flight. Should the lay-over time for passengers continuing on the same flight be excessively long; both international and domestic transit passengers are issued a transit card and taken to the transit lounge. They are taken back on board the same aircraft once refueling and/or maintenance procedures are completed. Should the lay-over time not be sufficient the passengers will remain on board. Refueling and maintenance are done while the passengers wait on board and their baggage remains on the aircraft.

Ataturk AirportThere is a General Aviation Terminal where there are two separate lounges for international and domestic travelers. The General Aviation Terminal is situated at the Apron A14 North West of Istanbul Atatürk Airport. This Terminal is used to accommodate flights run by operations holding General Aviation or Air Taxi licenses in smaller sized aircraft. Passengers are able to complete their security, customs and passport control without having to wait and saving precious time while traveling in business jets or personal aircraft. Facilities offered within the terminal such as wireless internet, television and a shop for purchasing traditional Turkish gifts. Complimentary snacks served by experienced waiters are also part of the General Aviation Terminal services. The Cargo Terminal houses radioactive material, valuable goods and refrigerated storage units as well as private cargo agency offices. There are THY Cargo, PTT (Post Office) and Customs Duty Management buildings as well as cargo agencies and customs brokers offices within the Cargo Terminal complex. Export and import warehouses belonging to private companies such as HAVAS, Celebi and System Logistics are also located at the Cargo Terminal.

Ataturk AirportIf you are expecting incoming cargo, depending on the carrier, you need to contact one of the firms listed below who have warehouse facilities at the airport to collect your cargo.

THY: +90 212 465 25 25
Celebi: +90 212 465 27 00
Sistem: +90 212 549 77 38
MNG kargo: +90 212 444 06 06

To ship cargo abroad, you need to get in touch with one of the IATA - International Air Transport Association member agencies to act on your behalf for the correct bill of lading, fees, packing and other details.

Sabiha GökçenSabiha Gökçen Airport is named after the first female combat pilot in Turkey - Sabiha Gökçen. This airport is located on the Anatolian shore of Istanbul at Pendik / Kurtköy about 40 kilometers from Kadıköy, 12 kilometers from Pendik and 50 kilometers from Taksim. It is only 1.5 kilomters from the connection to the TEM motorway. This airport is the first step towards the Advanced Technology Industrial Park project which shall serve the country in numerous fields such as transportation, foreign trade, aviation and technology. The project is a leader for conversion of the region into a technology base for the future. Just like Sabiha Gökçen led the way for Turkish women in bringing equal roles with men in business years ago. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is 40 kilometers or 25 miles from the city center - located on the Asian side of Istanbul. It is Turkey's newest international airport having opened in 2001. The airport is used mainly for an annex to Ataturk airport and has very little international air traffic currently. The airport is used mainly for charter and cargo flights so there are no Metro or train connections to and from this airport. But this airport will become more of a destination in the near future. The airline Pegasus is now using Sabiha Gökçen Airport as their hub. Pegasus is also organizing special bus services for their passengers and other travelers. Recently Municipal buses have started routes to and from Sabiha Gökçen Airport due to the inceased number of flights and passengers. Havas has also organized scheduled shuttle bus services to Sabiha Gökçen Airport from three different centers of Istanbul. And, of course, there are taxis always available.

Sabiha GökçenThe new state of the art terminal complex occupies some 320,000 square meters with a 4,500 square meter duty free shopping area operated by SETUR that occupies a space of 3.300 square meters and 1.200 square meters in the departures and arrivals halls respectively. Other than the usual duty free shopping items, such as local/foreign drinks, tobacco and cosmetics; especially ready-wear, textiles accessories and electronics is offered for sale. Some of the brand names you can find at dutyfree shopping area are Anne Klein, Authentic Dress, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dior, Emporio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, French Connection, Gucci, Haremlique, Havainas, Kipling, Lacoste, Marc Ecko, Maurice Lacroix, Misaki, Mont Blanc, Nike, Omega, Organic Food, Pilgrim Swarovski, Prada, Ray Ban, Salvatore Ferregamo, Swatch, Tag Heuer, Timex, Tissot, Turkish Delight, Tommy Hilfiger. Food services such as Wings Café and Bar is located at the mezzanine lounge of international flights terminal and two cafés are located in A and B halls of the ground floor. The East Port Café is at your service at the departure lounge of the Domestic Flights Terminal. There are newspapers, cigarettes, magazines, perfumes, personal care products and packed food products available at the arrival lounge of the international flights terminal in a mini-type market. Türkiye Is Bankasi and Akbank branches are located at the arrival lounge of the international flights terminal providing all kinds of banking services.

Sabiha GökçenThe Sabiha Gökçen International Airport multi-storey car park is of four levels and 4.718 vehicle and 72 bus capacity. There is a valet parking service with a 400 car capacity. Exclusive parking spaces are available for the physically disabled at the car park's both outdoor and indoor levels. Pay points are located at the carpark buildings on the open carpark level. Car park fees are paid in cash or by credit card at these payment points. There are also automatic payment points at carpark buildings where you can make your payments with a credit card. The Car park is located in front of the terminal building and within a walking distance. Parking curbside in front of the terminal is not allowed and you must use the parking facilities. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed away and their owners will be assessed a fine.

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